Quip for Sales

Quip helps sales teams be more consistent, collaborative, and focused. Organize all of your work in one place that’s seamlessly integrated with Salesforce; everyone has the visibility and access to better convert leads into happy customers. Communicate in real-time, make decisions together, and stay connected every step of the way.

Achieve your goals

Use Quip to collaboratively define, track, and evolve your team's territory business plans. Clearly detail the goals and objectives your team must complete to exceed your sales quota, using a combination of Quip's tasks, spreadsheets, and real-time chat. The best part? Your plans in Quip are alive, meaning there is only one version and it's always up to date for your team to reference.

Image - Territory plans template

Bring transparency to your deals

Tired of sending emails into the deep abyss and pushing deals to next month? Get on the same page, literally, as your customers and share, collaborate, and track the requirements and steps needed to complete a sale. Build a shared understanding of your prospect’s buying process and timeline; and use tasks and due dates to hit the deadlines.

Image - Mutual close plans template

Shrink your gap to quota

Bring greater visibility and accountability to 1:1 sales reviews where managers and reps get on the same page about current conversations and quota progress. A Quip doc is a perfect place where reps can outline the help they need to serve their customers, and where managers can effectively assist their reports. Together the team can deliver new, happy customers.

Imgae - sales reviews template

Bring real-time customer data into Quip

Export Salesforce reports into a Quip spreadsheet in a single click. The best part? Your data is live – when something is updated in Salesforce, it's instantly updated in Quip too. You'll never have to worry if the data you're looking at is out of date. Confidently analyze for insights, discuss with teammates, and make better decisions together.

Image - Reports in Quip template

Organize work in one place

The best sales teams run a tight ship where work is organized, accessible, and easy to keep tabs on. Break down the silos that keep your team from maximizing their potential with shared folders that give everyone access to each other’s best practices and the latest resources. When teammates can self-serve the information they need, everyone does a better a job.

Image - Folders in Quip template

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How Quip Sales use Quip

Quip's sales team loves Quip because it keeps the team organized, aligned, and connected. Here's a few examples of documents and spreadsheets they use to grow our business.

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